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Field Study Trips


Field Study Trips

The World of Wonders Science Museum offers standards-based, hands-on science education for preschool through 6th grade.  Each group has the opportunity to learn science through exploration of our 70+ exhibits, plus we offer a hands-on classroom activity based on the California Science Content Standards.

Prices & Times:

–  PreK – Grade 3 Field Study Trips are $135 per class and includes up to 25 students (additional students in a class are $6 per child).  The total length of time for a PreK-3 Field Study Trip is 90 minutes.

–  Grades 4-6 Field Study Trips cost $185 and includes up to 35 students (any additional students are charged $6/student).  The total length of time for a grade 4-6 Field Study Trip is 120 minutes.

–  We conduct our field study trips throughout the year on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Our morning field study trips begin at 9:30am and our afternoon field study trips begin at 11:30am.  If you need to make changes to the start time please contact the Educational Program Coordinators and we can arrange a different start time.

–  Home school groups, preschool groups, day-cares, special education groups, and learning centers please call the museum for options and pricing.


How to register for a field study trip:

–  See the calendar below or call the museum to check the availability of your desired date.

–  Fill in and submit our online registration form.

–  Or, download and fill in the registration form then fax (209.369.1290) or mail your form to the museum.

–  Your trip will be scheduled on our calendar upon receipt of your registration form.  You will receive confirmation within 3 business days of your request.

–  An invoice will be sent shortly after your trip confirmation.

–  Below is a guide to help you understand how our field study trips work and what you can expect when you bring your class to the museum.


Preparation & FAQ for Field Trip

1) General Field Study Trip Schedule:
When your school group arrives, students will first gather together on the floor for an orientation from the WOW field study leader. Following the introduction, students will have half an hour to explore the exhibits on the floor.  Then, depending on the size of your group, we will divide the group in half and take one group at a time in the back to do the activity, while the other group stays on the floor. If your group is larger than 30 students total, please have them split into two separate groups (or by class) prior to the field study trip.

The activities for our field study trips are based on the California Science Content Standards and were all created by a credentialed teacher. These activities offer supplemental science education for the students and are all hands-on and fun.  For grades K-3 the classroom portion of the field study trip is approximately 30 minutes in length and for grades 4-6 the classroom activity is approximately 45 minutes in length. See below for detailed descriptions of each activity.

2) Museum rules and expectations: (please discuss the museum expectations with your class prior to your trip)

–  Walking feet only inside the museum

–  Show respect for all of our exhibits and for each other

–  If you make a mess, that’s okay!  But please clean up your own messes

–  Hungry tummies must eat and drink outside the museum

–  Students must be accompanied by an adult while in the WOW Science Store

–  Students must stay inside the museum unless accompanied by an adult

3) Chaperones:
We ask that you provide one chaperone for every five children. This ensures that there are parents keeping an eye on their group and helping to guide them through the museum. The chaperones for the 1 to 5 ratio are included in the payment. Each additional chaperone (more than one parent to every five students) will be charged the regular admissions price of $7. This does not apply to preschools or to groups with special needs. Please notify the Educational Program Coordinators if this pertains to your group. Also, please be sure that your chaperones are attentive to students.

4) WOW Science Store:
Shopping at the WOW Science Store is a great way to help support the museum. For this reason, we will have the store open unless otherwise requested prior to the date of trip.  Students may not enter the store unless they have an adult present with them.

5) Scavenger Hunt:
Scavenger hunts are available for students. These help to ensure students experience a wide range of exhibits.  We have two scavenger hunts available based on the grade level of your class.  (See attached scavenger hunts below).  If you choose to have your students complete the scavenger hunt please make copies for your class prior to your trip.  We will provide pencils and clip boards with advanced notice.

Click here for a PDF of our Kindergarten-3rd Grade SCAVENGER HUNT

Click here for a PDF of our 4th Grade -6th Grade SCAVENGER HUNT

6) Payment/ Refund policy:
Payment for the field study trip is due no later than 2 weeks prior to the scheduled trip date.  An invoice of the amount due will be sent via e-mail once the field study trip is initially booked.  Any field study trip cancelled within a two week period of their scheduled trip date is subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

For additional information, email jen[at]wowsciencemuseum[dot]org or call the museum at 209.368.0969.

Field Study Trip Availability