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membership14Museum Membership

All WOW memberships grant you a full year of free daily admissions and a 10% discount in the WOW Science Store.  A Family level or higher membership also entitles you to receive special discounts on events, camps, birthday parties, and other programs as well as free or discounted admission to over 300 science centers and museums across the United States and world through the Association of Science and Technology Center’s (ASTC) Travel Passport Program!

Membership Category Price
Family (or Grandparent)
Admission for 2 members and children or
grandchildren under the age of 18.
Admission for member and one guest. Only discount available is 10% in the WOW Science Store
Family (or Grandparent) Plus
All benefits as listed above plus two guests free with every visit.

All Benefits as listed above in Family/Grandparent Plus
with recognition in publications and on the donor wall in the museum.



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Use our online order system or download and print our Membership Form (PDF).  Completed forms and payment can be sent to:

The World of Wonders Science Museum
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Our Tax ID is 20-3075595.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Friends of the Museum

Fred and Sally Snyde
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Jerry Winters
Paul and Maria Talcott
Phillips Farms
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David Diskin
KR and Robbie Hovatter
Michael and Daphne Felde
Gary and Rebecca Greider
Terry and Toni Clark
Dan and Carol Ingrum

Welcome New and Renewed Feb/Mar/Apr WOW Memberships!

Reno and Wendy DeBenedetti
Jenny and Jimmy Williams
Sharon and Mark Stokes/Medeiros
David and Pat Thompson
Sannae and James Watt
Lucy and Chris Rodriguez/Kovach
Brad and Sandi Alderson
Silvana and Andrew Craig
Pam and Favy Nickels/Arellano
Marvin and Anna Grace Young
Aubrey Doran
Kim and Judy Ear/Tang
Jennifer and Jason Whitney
Jessica and Justin Hunter
Gloria and Janet Happel/Bricker
Lilian Berry
Daniel and Christa Pera
Ranjeet and Sukhjit Sandhu
Eliana Addipah
David and Gaylyn OBrien
Amie and Rande Fidanque/Vig
Carrie and Scot Martin
Rebecca and Sarah Mark/Kenney
Michelle and Dan Baer/Watt
Mike Marshall
Sean Corey Weatherbie
Kallie and Chris Tanaka
Silvia and Mary Garcia
Lori and Joe Silva
Dominic and Kevin Luciani/Barker

Bill and Angel Evanger
James and Robin Pyers
Georgina and Jose Luis Anaya
Nicole and Robin Pryor/Carra
Lois and Rick Ryan
Kyle and Liz Brown
Larry and Carolyn Cook
Amy and Sharon Drew/Whipple
Aaron and Meghan Lange
Beth and Tim Fox
Tom and Harriet McKnight
Jen and Eden Young
Jennifer and Le Ann Smith/Stout
Brandon and Alison Stirm
Jesse and Jenny Castillo
Jessica and Paul Van Puijenbroek
Ruben and Maria Koshy
Nick and Jessica Gray/Hanselman
Nancy and Daniel Kramer
Roberto Jr. and Eliza Ariza
Salina and Luis Rodriguez
Jennifer and Tim Hayden
Autumn and Cynthia Alessio/Allison
Angel & Miranda MacFarland
Jon and Kelly Carr
Dennis and Nacia Kakoliris
Juan and Noriko Trujillo/Kojima
Casey and Jessica Gregory
Margaret and Isaac Stewart
Rachel and Domex Lobo
Sokhun and Bopha Chhay
Heather and Philip Stacy

Larry and Julie Underhill
Terri and Jules Marchesseault
Rachel and Benjamin Baird
Marcy and Adam Zimmerman
Melody and Shelley O’Connor/Johnson
Donna and Jennifer McCready
Susie and Terri Rodriguez/Works
Lee and Julie Parton
Michael and Vicki Parson
Christopher and Donna Anderson
Patricia and Brian Guenther/Morgan
Mark and Jeannine Cavanaugh
Natashia and Dannetta Jurado/Prysock
Dane and Sidana Vanny
Michael and Marni Heberle
Lars and Yesenia-Lazaro Arndt
Paul and Sarah Cesaro/Hickenbottom
William and Jack Reichmann
Aaron and Valonda Woolam/Hayes
Lisa and Deanna Reed/Toy
Elizabeth McEntire