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membership14Museum Membership

All WOW memberships grant you a full year of free daily admissions and a 10% discount in the WOW Science Store.  A Family level or higher membership also entitles you to receive special discounts on events, camps, birthday parties, and other programs as well as free or discounted admission to over 300 science centers and museums across the United States and world through the Association of Science and Technology Center’s (ASTC) Travel Passport Program!

Membership Category Price
Family (or Grandparent)
Admission for 2 members and children or
grandchildren under the age of 18.
Admission for member and one guest. Only discount available is 10% in the WOW Science Store
Family (or Grandparent) Plus
All benefits as listed above plus two guests free with every visit.

All Benefits as listed above in Family/Grandparent Plus
with recognition on WOW’s website and on the donor wall in the museum.



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Use our online order system or download and print our Membership Form (PDF).  Completed forms and payment can be sent to:

The World of Wonders Science Museum
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Lodi, CA  952040

Our Tax ID is 20-3075595.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Friends of the Museum

Fred and Sally Snyde
Phillips Farms
Jerry and Peggy Fry
Pieter and Barbara den Hartog
David Diskin
Terry and Toni Clark
Michelle Baer and Dan Watt
William and Jack Reichmann
John and Cindy Della Monica
Tamara and Westlee Stafford
Harpreet and Melanie Parmar
William and Paula O’Donnell

Welcome December New and Renewed WOW Members!

Dolores Westerterp
Karen and Rudy Bilawski
Jerry and Peggy Fry
Nora and Chris Olsen
Bill and Mary Lou Ingrum
Pat and George Kishida
Rich and Vikki Mullenbach
Terry and Toni Clark
Jeff and Jen Tillett
Brandon and Erin Wright
Patricia and Henry Lauchland
KR and Robbie Hovatter
Nicholas Jimenez
Angela and Rexanne LeStrange
Ray and Amorina Andersen
Jennifer and Jacob Henderson
Anna and Aaron Sass
Judy and Michile Bogren
Clarence and Sandra Chan
Christina and Johnny Yep
Louis and Caitlin Ponick
Cyndie Parker and Susan Ward
Maren and Michael Ruehle
Mandie and Jared Bayless
Margarette & James Radulovich
Benjamin and Sophia Kobrin
Lauren and Valerie Smith
Steven Anagnos
Ethan Bostnick
Joseph and Amber Lynn
Anna and John Charlesworth
Morgan Katcher and Bret Sylvester
Britney Akin and Travis Pearson
Shelley and Kelly O’Keefe
Annie and Melissa LeBlanc
Mosen Ghaith and Reem Shahrouri
Victor Dunkelberger and Kimberly D’Antonio
Charlie and Ava Hammond
Harpreet and Melanie Parmar
William and Paula O’Donnell
Michele Thomason and Raquel Jimenez
Jennifer Blume and Michele Gaulden
Alaina and Robert Bell
Lindsay Stephens and Diana Landmann
Steve and Leanne White
Angela and Todd Osten
D’Andrea Bruce and James Macheel
Monica Martinez and Eric Stewart
Veronica Jackson
Tommy and Kim Dick
Nick Gwynn and Kelly Saetern
Jill and Adam Curtis
Brittany and Michael Grinder
Melissa and Luis Aguilar
Nicole and Nick Solari
Mitchel and Kim Brooks
Amy and Ryan Whitmore
April Blair and Josh Hall
Megan and Lynette Erlenbusch

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