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membership14Museum Membership

All WOW memberships grant you a full year of free daily admissions and a 10% discount in the WOW Science Store.  A Family level or higher membership also entitles you to receive special discounts on events, camps, birthday parties, and other programs as well as free or discounted admission to over 300 science centers and museums across the United States and world through the Association of Science and Technology Center’s (ASTC) Travel Passport Program!

Membership Category Price
Family (or Grandparent)
Admission for 2 members and children or
grandchildren under the age of 18.
Admission for member and one guest. Only discount available is 10% in the WOW Science Store
Family (or Grandparent) Plus
All benefits as listed above plus two guests free with every visit.

All Benefits as listed above in Family/Grandparent Plus
with recognition in publications and on the donor wall in the museum.



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Use our online order system or download and print our Membership Form (PDF).  Completed forms and payment can be sent to:

The World of Wonders Science Museum
2 North Sacramento Street
Lodi, CA  952040

Our Tax ID is 20-3075595.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Friends of the Museum

Fred and Sally Snyde
Robert DiRocco
Jerry Winters
Paul and Maria Talcott
Phillips Farms
Pieter and Barbara den Hartog
David Diskin
KR and Robbie Hovatter
Michael and Daphne Felde
Gary and Rebecca Greider
Terry and Toni Clark
Michelle and Dan Baer/Watt
William and Jack Reichmann
John and Cindy Della Monica

Welcome New and Renewed May/June/July WOW Memberships!

Patrick and Nancy Hazen
Dale and Jackie Taylor
David Diskin
Pat and Jennifer Kraemer
Megan Galarneau
Brett and Christie Westover
Elizabeth and Jason Schuiling
Diane and Meghan Brenner
David and Katie Tozi
Jennifer and Ben Garrett
Marianne and Michael Gaertner
Judy and Doreen Hieb/Shaw
Brian and Caitlin Konrad
Julie and Brian Clary
Seth and Amy Hahner
Christine and Adry Franklin
Sue and John Ring
John and Cindy Della Monica
Dan and Carol Ingrum
Jay and Kathy Bell
Darlene and Paula Lassanske/Bennett
Cathy Eilers
David and Nancy Smith/Holl-Smith
Heidi and Greg Plath
CJ and Beverly Boone
Jeff and Susan Henderson
Anne and Bob Weisenberg
Diane and Markus Niggli
Matt and Amie Mascara
Craig and Corinne Norton
Gagandeep and Prabhdeep Popli/Bajwa
Bryan and Kimberly Potter
Adam and Brittany Morgan
Travis and Virginia Vega
Rachel and Jesse Roseman
Gayle and Laurie Evans/Virnoche
Tom and Nancy Shock
Alison and John Bertsch/Wong
Kennedy Quashnick
Kate and Kevin O’Dell
Narciso and Cassandra Wong/Iwamiya
Tifani and Mary Nevin/Burns
Jose and Eden Bravo
Grayson Goes
Don and Susan Eddy/Olson
Patty and Sara Lovato/Smith
Isaac and Megan Warren
Camille and Crystal Gordon/Jensen
Dominic and Amanda Alexander/Kostick
Angelina and Judy Gervasi
Joseph and Francisca Sanchez
Katie and Dan Cohen
Penny and Sarah Garcia/Fino
Michele and Joe Milton
Patrick and Marlina Backman
Patricia and Karen Gilcrease/Jones
Christian McCrea
Jeff and Alison Burt
Jakobi and Julia Chambers/Tanaka
Rheena and Jose Pineda/Alberto
Sujung and Keomsoon Cho/Lee
Pieter and Barbara den Hartog
D’Arlene Rosenau
Myduyn and Huan Tran/Nguyen
Cedric and Tracey Sackett
Kathie and Ron Mettler
Ricky and Lapa Dang
Judy and Bill Kooyman
Wayne Craig
Adrian and Karen Nickols
Emily and Ryan Ripken
Michele and Daphne Felde
Dustin and Kristen Saccone
Noelle and Dean Won
William and Anne Huyett
Larry and Linda Hansen
Tyler and Amy Blagg
Christopher and Tamara Gray
Brad and Anne Lisa Butcher
Patricia and Dennis Hoffman
Jill and Mike Ross/Pisani
Alise and Lenita Drury/Cobb
Ryan and Nicole Kidd
Erich and Kelly Haidlen
Samantha and Sara Studt/Ownbey
Jacob Galindo
Amy and Gordon Binder
Sarah and Daniel Trammell/Marmolejo



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